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And here is more resources - articles, interviews, blog posts, etc.



And here is more resources - articles, interviews, blog posts, etc.

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The online survey "Top & Middle Managers through Digital Transition" is open until Oct. 25th (final deadline)

It consist of 36 questions (incl. 7 optional) and takes approximately 30 mins.

The survey focuses on the human side of digital transition. It is aimed at organizations with more than 2000 employees. The final report will be made available to respondents (free of charge) at the end of 2015. If you do not belong to the target population, but wish to get the report free of charge, please send the names and email addresses of potential target respondents to They will receive the questionnaire link on your behalf; if at least 2 of them complete the survey, we will share the report with you free of charge.

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More on this research:

We are researching on how middle managers are impacted and cope with the digital transtion of their organizations. The research will be done in 3 parallel phases:

  • A bilingual online survey (English and French) open to top & middle managers of organsizations of over 2000 employees (responses will be made anonymous in the report)
  • Interviews with executives from HR, Internal Communications, Strategy, Chief Digital Officers and Chief Learning Officers/Corporate University executives, to find out what kind questions they have about the topic, and their plans if any,
  • Case studies of specific initiatives pertaining both middle management and digital and social technology adoption

The survey is opened until mid-October. We're aiming at publishing the report end 2015. The report will be available free for the research participants (interviewees and online survey respondents), else for a fee. If you wish to get the report for free but are not in the target respondents or interviewees, you may send us names & emails of potential respondents or interviewees. We will contact them on your behalf, and if at least two of them participate, we will share the full report with you for free.

Survey flyers: English and French

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