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Paris, Monday 6 February 2017

New Angles and Early Strategies are launching a pioneering study to investigate whether the past decade’s intensive activity in Corporate Social Responsibility has produced change in the way companies do business.

Entitled “Is CSR Changing Business?” this research will provide new insight into how managers perceive CSR and sustainability, and how CSR has changed the organizations they work for. It seeks to understand managers’ challenges to incorporate CSR in business and the impacts they think are already noticeable.

This international research aims to explore the reality of evolving business practices around CSR. It seeks to reveal perceptions of sustainability and CSR as experienced by senior and middle managers across all corporate functions in companies of over 2000 employees. Not necessarily CSR experts, these managers play a key role in carrying out change; they know whether or not change is happening, and how their organizations’ CSR strategies are evolving.

The research consists of an on-line qualitative survey, supplemented by in-depth interviews with selected executives and experts. The questionnaire includes categories such as Decision-making, Responsibility & Ethics, Leadership & Governance, CSR Impacts. It takes 25 minutes to answer, and is open until 19 March 2017. It can be accessed from The research report will be published in May 2017.

About New Angles

Our mission at NEW ANGLES is to change business for good. We work with senior executive teams to put in place new ways of doing business, led by purpose, while looking beyond short term profitability and in touch with the consequences of management decisions. We build clients' sustainable leadership capacity, helping them design and implement strategic change to create new sources of value.

New Angles is a certified B Corporation.

About Early Strategies

Early Strategies is an organizational change consultancy, helping clients get up to speed with the rapidly changing business world, with this tagline: “Be an early adopter – think smart, act with purpose”. Early Strategies has developed specific expertise in leading-edge domains such as technology adoption and sustainability. Early Strategies regularly publishes research reports; its latest publication was “How Middle Management Copes with Digital Transformation” in May 2016.


Cécile Demailly – Early Strategies

Jacob Mayne – New Angles