How CSR is Changing Business – the research report is published !

Research : Is CSR changing business?

Managers speak out on sustainability
How CSR is changing business

The 2017 report lets us hear the voices of managers in international corporations and reveals their desire to take CSR into new territory, beyond compliance and brand image.

Surveyed during first quarter 2017, the 130 managers who participated in our research share an interest in sustainable business, each with a different personal experience and perspective. Half of them have direct responsibility for CSR, half do not. From 25 countries, a wide range of functions and 107 large companies, their voices combine to tell a compelling story about how far CSR has come in the last five years.

Part 1 of the report presents insights and analysis from the study in 5 thematic chapters:

  1. Raising the bar on CSR 
  2. The focus and pace of change
  3. Creating positive impacts
  4. Managers' role in change
  5. Overcoming barriers to change

Part 2 sets out detailed findings in the order of the original questionnaire, with many verbatim citations. The identity of respondents and their companies has of course been protected to preserve confidentiality.

We specifically targeted senior and middle managers because this population is in contact with the widest range of a company’s stakeholders. They have direct knowledge of top executives’ priorities and they lead the teams charged with achieving the business objectives. At the same time they are in contact with suppliers, customers and local communities. We consider they are the real “change makers” in organisations. Their views on CSR and change are views that executive teams need to hear.

Early Strategies and New Angles partnered to conduct this research. 

Find more information and how to acquire the report on the website dedicated to the research.