2017 research: Is CSR Changing Business?

Research : Is CSR changing business?

The inside perspective on sustainability

Early Strategies and New Angles are partnering to conduct research on how organizations are changing, from the inside. Is the spread of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) creating real business sustainability? Is change happening? How deep is it, how long lasting? Where is the resistance to change? How does CSR impact on management decisions and practices? what does success look like? What is needed to move beyond CSR?

We are surveying senior and middle managers (N+2 and above, head or director level and above) in operational and functional roles in organizations with more than 2000 employees. These managers are best placed to report on real change in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. They can spot what slows transformation and how change can be accelerated. We look forward to receiving answers from managers in all business sectors and functions, from sustainability specialists and non-specialists as well. 

The survey covered topics in areas such as decision-making, human rights, ethics and leadership. The survey combines the question with a number of in-depth interviews. 

The report will be published in May 2017. A website dedicated to the research has been set-up and is regularly undated with news.