Individual & system coaching


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Human first. Organizations -made of humans- need to project themselves in the future; they thrive when humans -who constitute them- blossom. The total comes different from just the sum of its constituents. It is compelling to develop purpose, collective intelligence, integrate systems, develop leaders who have impact for themselves and for their organization; to develop healthy ecosystems, beyond vision, mission, strategy, processes.

Where we can help, with question you may have:

For an individual: how to grow one’s potential, make a difference when taking a new job, being promoted, changing career? How to grow ideas, address challenges, develop a strategy beyond the obvious? How to start a new project, a new team, plan for impact, accelerate. How to decrease stress – wherever it comes from – and gain hindsight? How to manage through influence? How to become autonomous with learnings from coaching?

For a team, a group, a system: how to re-energize a team; how to launch a new strategy and get people to engage? How to improve relationships with a peer, a manager, an employee, within a team? How to anchor learnings and embed learning processes, subsequently to the coaching?


Coaching areas:

  • executive coaching, leadership development, intrapreneurship, management, influence
  • workshop facilitation – team building, collective intelligence development
  • culture change
  • systems integration, relationship systems
  • stress management

Business topics & areas:

  • organization development
  • change management
  • technology disruption, digital transformation
  • agility mindset
  • sustainable development, societal change
  • international/complex project and program management
  • gender diversity
  • handicapped leaders

The coach

Cécile works with managers and their teams to support transformational projects which encompass different dimensions of an organization: individual (coaching), the team (team coaching, team building, facilitation) and the whole organization (O.D).

Cécile started coaching in 2010. She coaches leaders and teams in multinational organizations, as well as individuals, on professional matters, in France, across Europe and North America.

Prior then, in the first part of her career, she was an international executive at IBM, AT&T Business and GE Healthcare, within product management and technical marketing areas. Throughout her career, Cécile has managed people located in 10 different countries and coordinated decision committees, programs and projects touching teams and operations in over 50 countries.

Cécile is bi-lingual in English and French (native).

Main degrees/certifications related to coaching:

MS Consulting & Coaching for Change (HEC Paris, Oxford Saïd Business School)
Systems coaching (ORSC) / ICF certification in progress
Behavioral and cognitive psychology (INC) / professional level – therapist level in progress
Social psychology (Wesleyan University)
Lominger voices (Korn/Ferry)


Deep democracy, scenario planning, mental modes management/cognitive and behavioral neurosciences, positive deviance, agility, personality analysis (VIP2A), 360° debrief (Lominger voices), biosystemics, and many more.


Where necessary, Cécile collaborates with coaches from different networks (the Change Leaders, Oxford Leadership, Impact Basis, ANCT, Diafora Leadership) to build project teams.