Corporate Directories are Becoming Enhanced (January 2011)

cover corporate directories are becoming enhanced

An enhanced corporate directory is much more than a directory. It’s a potential network enabling the identification of internal experts and partners, a better appreciation of the layout of the organization, and the recommendation of internal contacts or groups. It’s the first step toward internal social networks, toward management by community, and toward modern knowledge management.

However, the research undertaken by the Boostzone Institute between June and October 2010 among 32 international groups (22 online and 14 face to face) on internal directory best practice shows that almost no company today has a truly enhanced directory. What’s more, very few know how to go about creating one, while employees would really like to have at their disposal an internal tool “along the lines” of the public social networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook…).

Available in French or English; individual version 300€ VAT included; intranet version 900€ VAT included. Contact: maryline(dot)gerlach(at)boostzone(dot)fr, Tel. +33 (0)6 77 11 34 48


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