#EntDigi Hangout: What is the state of the digital workplace?

Cécile Demailly was one of the speakers in this online public discussion in September 2015, while preparing the "How Middle Management Copes with Digital Transformation" research study. It was organized by the Enterprise Digital Summit

Streamed live on Sep 24, 2015

The digital workplace has become a key term in the discussions about the future of work. It combines both a technological as well as cultural perspective of a digitally advanced working environment that enables a smarter collaboration, an enriched information flow and knowledge sharing as well as a enhanced responsiveness of the organization.

The #EntDigi Hangout session explores and discusses the state of adoption of the digital workplace in UK and Europe.

Guests of this show:
_ Paul Miller, Digital Workplace Group
_ Belinda Gannaway, Brilliant Noise
_ David Terrar, Agile Elephant
_ Michel Ezran, Lecko
_ Cècile Demailly, Early Strategies