How will social networking impact corporations?

Among web 2.0 technologies, social networking is the most pervasive and will have the deepest impact as it touches the very spirit or core of the way we work. Through some discussions we had earlier this summer with Martin Silman, who took responsibility for some of the thought leadership activities in AT&T, we both agreed this subject needed to be visited, to foresee some of the most important effects. And get prepared …

The first result of the ongoing research is a collaborative paper that highlights 9 predictions and 10 associated challenges:


    1. Corporations will change the way they communicate
    2. Corporations will change their vision
    3. Corporations will change their organization
    4. Collective intelligence and customer experience will lead innovation
    5. Networking will be key to employee excellence
    6. Employee mobility will increase
    7. Corporations will adapt their motivation and career path systems
    8. IT/telecoms applications will mutate
    9. Corporate adoption will happen at different speeds

Challenges for the corporationsStages of digital identity maturity

    1. Adopt new ROI concept
    2. Security
    3. Intellectual property
    4. Adoption
    5. Storage
    6. Interoperability
    7. Speed: will the corporate world ever keep up?
    8. Indirect Benefits of Social Networking not Appreciated
    9. Risk of loss of employees, losing human and intellectual capital
    10. Capturing the value

The above predictions and challenges are rapidly developed in the paper – we also did put some wider detail around two of the predictions: Corporations will change the way they communicate and Corporations will change their organization

Download the paper here – any comment welcome.