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We will start our new research early 1Q17. The focus will be, one more time, how middle management copes with organizational change, owns it (or not) and what obstacles and hindrances middle managers meet. After studying the digital transformation in 2016, this first semester 2017 will be about corporate social responsibility and sustainability. 

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CSR Strategic Planning research – answer = 28 Feb. 2018

Our goal is to gather insights and best practices on CSR* strategic planning, to help executives and experts benchmarkhow they create their blueprint for sustainable practices adoption, while remaining business oriented.  This short questionnaire (16 questions, 10 mins to answer) is intended for CSR executives and experts, and other people well involved and aware of their company’s CSR strategy. Consultants may answer for a client company. Identities […]

Save the date! June 27th webinar

Partner New Angles and Early Strategies will drill down into the all-important question, “Is CSR changing business?”  Featured guest speakers will report their experiences in major corporations. June 27th at 5pm CET: Pioneers & Positive Deviants / Be an SDG Pathfinder

How CSR is Changing Business – the research report is published !

Research : Is CSR changing business? Managers speak out on sustainabilityHow CSR is changing business The 2017 report lets us hear the voices of managers in international corporations and reveals their desire to take CSR into new territory, beyond compliance and brand image. Surveyed during first quarter 2017, the 130 managers who participated in our […]

2017 research: Is CSR Changing Business?

Research : Is CSR changing business? The inside perspective on sustainability Early Strategies and New Angles are partnering to conduct research on how organizations are changing, from the inside. Is the spread of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) creating real business sustainability? Is change happening? How deep is it, how long lasting? Where is the resistance to […]

January 2017 newsletter: 4 discussions on disruption

In 2016, we published the “How Middle Management copes with Digital Transformation” research report. It received great feedback, including this recent one: “It put in one place a lot of thoughts from many places – from peers, similar, and somewhat different companies, across a middle range of management. Well done. The researchers pulled a lot of […]

How Middle Management copes with Digital Transformation

The report has been written to bring insight to: CHROs and HR teams to understand the impacts of the digital transformation, how middle management actually endures this transformation, and find insights for strategic planning CLOs and Corporate University teams to help their work of developing middle managers generally and specifically when it comes to the digital transformation CDOs and Digital Transformation executives: insights […]

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