Organizing CSR in Large Companies (2012)




This unpublished 2012 research aimed to identify CSR challenges faced by multinational corporations: strategy, governance, change management, role of the corporate practitioner, best practices and lessons learned.

Target respondents were in-house CSR leaders and managers, from multinational companies with over 5000 employees at any stage of CSR implementation.

The Twitter account used for this research is still active and delivering twice a week compilations of the most interesting tweets for two selected groups:

  • Companies' Susty Initiatives Weekly:  every Tuesday, tweets from corporate communication services out of Fortune 500 - those having a CSR communication department - and other reputable companies (see latest edition here)
  • The CSR Execs Weekly: every Friday, best tweets of our regularly updated list of recognized CSR Executive in multinational and reputable companies (see the latest edition here)

The @CSRexecs twitter thread has now passed 2500 followers, including many in-house CSR executives and CSR consultants around the world. You may also want to follow us on Twitter: @CSRexecs


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