Toward Enterprise 2.0 (February 2010)

Analysis of a survey on corporate change as perceived by 50 participants working in MNCs and international organizations including: Air Liquide, Alcatel Lucent, Alstom, Amadeus, AT&T, Bouygues, Caterpillar, Cisco, Deloitte, Dupont, Ericsson, France Telecom – Orange, GDF Suez, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, KPN, MAN, Mars, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, French Ministère de la Défense, Parker Hannifin, Relais & Chateaux, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sapient, Société Générale, Sogeti, Sony, Sopra, Swift, Thales, Tokyo Electron, Ubisoft, United Technologies, Valeo. Respondents answered in their own names rather than representing the official position of their employers; their answers were made anonymous in the report. Given the number of respondents, findings must be seen as food for thought and provocative questioning, rather than statistically proven trends and issues.

The report covers applications scope, corporate culture influence, strategic fit, change governance, user adoption, lessons learned. It compares views on the change journey from different stakeholders, such as CIO/IT, HR, Communications or early adopters. It gives a unique set of insights of interest for executives, strategists, change sponsors and change agents: what to focus on, and the right questions to ask at each stage the change. It also highlights Early Strategies Enterprise 2.0 Maturity Model.

You may download the executive summary here.

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The next edition’s research will start in Fall 2010. If you wish to participate to the survey and receive the 2011 report free, let us know here – you must work in a MNC implementing this type of change, and be part of the core change team, an early adopter or a well-informed user. In the meantime, consider buying this year’s report!

Former research

Speeding the Adoption of Enterprise 2.0 (March2009)

This white paper funded by AT&T can be downloaded for free here.

In this, the second paper in this series, the drivers for Social Networking and Enterprise 2.02 tools are investigated in an attempt to identify what causes some businesses to be so much more successful in their deployment of these solutions than others.

Primary research coupled with anecdotal inputs from some of the corporate pace setters and leaders in this area are combined to produce a new model to describe how Social Networking can be used in a corporate environment and what factors need to be addressed in order to ensure early and rapid success.

The Business Impacts of Social Networking (November 2008)

This white paper funded by AT&T can be downloaded for free here.

The Social Networking ground swell is building rapidly. It is time to decide whether your business can take advantage today or whether you’d prefer to stay on the beach and wait until the waters are calmer. This paper is the 1st of a series which help highlight some of the opportunities and threats for those wishing to get afloat today and makes recommendations on how you need to change going forward.

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