Early Strategies regularly researches disruptive change topics. 

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  • How Middle Management Copes with Digital Transformation (May 2016) - PDF, 47 pages, 295€; also available in French
  • Organizing CSR in Large Companies (2012)
  • Corporate Directories are Becoming Enhanced (January 2011)
  • Toward Enterprise 2.0 (February 2010)
  • Speeding the Adoption of Enterprise 2.0 (March 2009)
  • The Business Impacts of Social Networking (November 2008)
  • How do Women Network (December 2008)

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2017 research: Is CSR Changing Business?

Research : Is CSR changing business? The inside perspective on sustainability Early Strategies and New Angles are partnering to conduct research on how organizations are changing, from the inside. Is the spread of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) creating real business sustainability? Is change happening? How deep is it, how long lasting? Where is the resistance to […]

How Middle Management copes with Digital Transformation

PDF, 47 pages, 295€ To view an executive summary of the findings, click here. Click here for the French version – version française This rich report analyzes middle managers’ perception of digital transformations undergone by their organizations. A bilingual (English/French) online questionnaire comprising 36 questions, targeting middle and top managers from organizations of over 2000 employees, was answered by 94 middle […]

Organizing CSR in Large Companies (2012)

    This unpublished 2012 research aimed to identify CSR challenges faced by multinational corporations: strategy, governance, change management, role of the corporate practitioner, best practices and lessons learned. Target respondents were in-house CSR leaders and managers, from multinational companies with over 5000 employees at any stage of CSR implementation. The Twitter account used for this […]

Corporate Directories are Becoming Enhanced (January 2011)

An enhanced corporate directory is much more than a directory. It’s a potential network enabling the identification of internal experts and partners, a better appreciation of the layout of the organization, and the recommendation of internal contacts or groups. It’s the first step toward internal social networks, toward management by community, and toward modern knowledge […]

Toward Enterprise 2.0 (February 2010)

Analysis of a survey on corporate change as perceived by 50 participants working in MNCs and international organizations including: Air Liquide, Alcatel Lucent, Alstom, Amadeus, AT&T, Bouygues, Caterpillar, Cisco, Deloitte, Dupont, Ericsson, France Telecom – Orange, GDF Suez, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, KPN, MAN, Mars, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, French Ministère de la Défense, Parker Hannifin, Relais & Chateaux, […]

Speeding the Adoption of Enterprise 2.0 (March 2009)

This white paper funded by AT&T can be downloaded for free here. In this, the second paper in this series, the drivers for Social Networking and Enterprise 2.02 tools are investigated in an attempt to identify what causes some businesses to be so much more successful in their deployment of these solutions than others. Primary […]

How do women network ? (December 2008)

This white paper was realized for the European Professional Women’s Network. Senior and international professional women were the target group for the survey How do women network?, that ran from March to May 2008 and gathered 310 participants.The survey found that a typical senior international professional woman forms her networks primarily for social/personal reasons (e.g. […]

The Business Impacts of Social Networking (November 2008)

This white paper funded by AT&T can be downloaded for free here. The Social Networking ground swell is building rapidly. It is time to decide whether your business can take advantage today or whether you’d prefer to stay on the beach and wait until the waters are calmer. This paper is the 1st of a […]