Helping companies with disruptive changes

Whether your company is willing to transform its work habits to better address the market; or it is launching a new service or product that is in the early adoption stage; or you are questioning the future of your business (or department) as new patterns, new tools and new business models are transforming your area ...

Whether you need to adapt or reinvent your activity to face disruptive change, we can help you succeed.

We offer services ranging from strategy definition to training. We rely on insightful knowledge of the market and emerging trends (and lessons learned from the early movers), of the changes paradigms and methodologies. We work with a network of experts and academics. We help you make the decision on the right changes for your organization.
Some examples of our offers:
  • Opening the strategic debate by reviewing forward-looking models or innovation paths (e.g. internal workshops, or with partners and selected customers)
  • Strategic fit consulting, assisting your executive teams with their strategic thinking (e.g. vision, mission, positioning, strategic partnerships and offer development).
  • Introducing new behaviour pattern learning in high-potential experts and management development plans (e.g. Networking for Impact workshops, Self Marketing in the Digital Age workshops)
  • Studying and surveying change impact (e.g. socio-technical change workshops for IT teams, socio-technical change study on starting social networking in the corporation, scenario planning workshops)
  • Custom research and business intelligence (e.g. benchmarks, blogosphere and web 2.0 intelligence)

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