Helping people with change

Early Strategies provide a range of workshop and coaching services that enable people to successfully cope with change in organizations.

  • Your brain & the Stress of Change: What is stress? Is it a normal component of any business occupation? Because business leaders, executives and managers have very demanding responsibilities, they might see stress as an impossible to avoid sideline. Yet, when you understand its mechanism, you start to see stress as an alert on where & when you need to adapt. The workshop also gives keys and allows to practice exercises that address punctual stress or develop adaptability on the long term.
  • Influencing in the Digital Age: Executive may think about reassuring their teams in transformation times, yet in fact nothing is less reassuring than a boss who tries to calm you down. Change is stressful ! The best way to help your team members to cope with change is to explain, add context, allow people to start see the future. A workshop designed for executives, managers, and influential experts. The content will be revamped as the result of the current research on how Middle Managers cope with the Digital Transition will be published, to incorporate the findings.
  • Neuroscience & Leadership Cycle: A series of 90 min workshops designed as a cycle, covering a range of situation that may arise in leaders’ business life: willpower versus procrastination, difficult conversations, power versus responsibilities in a job, better understanding motivation, gaining hindsight, learning how to learn, and more. The attractively of these short sessions resides in that they rely on knowledge from behavioral and cognitive sciences, informed by the latest findings of neurosciences (medical imagery, neuropsychology, etc.).
  • Executive coaching

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Helping companies with disruptive change

Whether your company is willing to transform its work habits to better address the market; or it is launching a new service or product that is in the early adoption stage; or you are questioning the future of your business (or department) as new patterns, new tools and new business models are transforming your area …

Whether you need to adapt or reinvent your activity to face disruptive change, we can help you succeed.

We offer services ranging from strategy definition to change management. We rely on insightful knowledge of the market and emerging trends (and lessons learned from the early movers), of the changes paradigms and methodologies. We work with a network of experts and academics. We help you make the decision on the right changes for your organization.

Examples of our offers:

  • Assessing readiness to change of an organization, via two tools: Early Strategies’ maturity model, which will allow to picture your organization’s stage in the transformation for four different dimensions, and an organization adaptability assessment, the Institute of Neurocognitivism social & organizational performance inventory (VIPSO).  For a specific change, or generally.
  • Building a change: opening the strategic debate by reviewing forward-looking models or innovation paths (e.g. internal workshops, or with partners and selected customers), strategic fit, assisting your executive teams with their strategic thinking (e.g. vision, mission, positioning, scenario planning), helping you develop the change process.
  • Supporting the process of change: helping to build or assessing change processes, new behavior pattern learning, development plans, studying and surveying change impact,
  • Custom research and business intelligence

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