March-July 2016 – workshops with the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Paris


in partnership with the Institute of Neurocognitivism

Cécile Demailly will animate a series of workshops in partnership with the french branch of the Institute of Neurocognitivism during the first semester of 2016. 

Tuesday 8/03/2016 How language shapes the mind

Wednesday 13/04/2016 The Abilene paradox, or how a group may take a decision at the opposite of individuals wishes

Thursday 12/05/2016 Daniel Kahneman (Nobel prize) work on Happiness

Thursday 16/06/2016 Meditation versus neuroscience

Thursday 7/07/2016 1001 faces of procrastination .. and what about me?

These workshop will be held in french. The 5th workshop is open to all; the 4 first have a pre-req to know the basis of the neurocognitive & behavioral approach. For more information see this page


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